Service Offerings

CEC offers the latest technology solutions, but it also offers services to back these solutions up – and it’s all part of creating the ultimate customer experience. We’re there whenever you need us, from solution design and project implementation to training and technical support after the project is complete. 

We offer central station monitoring, testing and inspectionsblocks of labor, service agreements, guaranteed response time agreements, and software agreements.

Central Station Monitoring AES Intellinet
CEC offers more than 20 years of expertise in monitoring services for life safety systems. CEC can provide around-the-clock central station monitoring to make sure your alarm system is a reliable security solution. Multiple paths ensure that the signal is received so that alarm activation will reach our central station within seconds. (Learn more by watching the video on this page.)

We provide COPS monitoring service, which partners with more than 3,000 alarm dealers nationwide to provide superior central station services (average response from COPS' central station agents is 16 seconds after alarm activation). COPS is UL Listed, which means that it's always compliant with local and state standards, codes, and regulations.

With our central station monitoring, we offer 24-hour phone connection testing; system reports are available online.

Testing & Inspections TestingInspection
Our inspectors are specialized technicians who undergo a rigorous training process, including NICET certification. Our staff members have extensive experience in testing and servicing all types of fire alarm systems. We also offer central station monitoring services for security systems (check out the video above). As your life safety solutions partner, we:

  • Eliminate multiple vendors (no dealing with multiple service companies and the pile of invoices/contracts).
  • Schedule your inspections for you (we’ll remind you when your inspections are due so you don’t have to worry about missing one).
  • Won’t “surprise” you with hidden charges (only upfront pricing, with no additional or hidden charges).
  • Test, inspect, and monitor any manufacturer’s equipment.
  • Offer online, 24/7 access to the data that's gathered as part of the tests and inspections. (To learn more about this service, watch this video.)

Our NFPA-compliant inspections include:

  • Fire alarm inspections (NFPA 72), involving annual, semi-annual, and monthly fire alarm inspections
  • Sprinkler inspections (NFPA 25), involving annual and quarterly sprinkler inspections
  • Suppression system inspections (NFPA 96 & NFPA 12), involving semi-annual kitchen suppression system inspections and semi-annual special agent suppression system inspections (including, but not limited to, Halon, FM-200)
  • Extinguisher inspections (NFPA 10), involving annual extinguisher inspections and monthly extinguisher checks
  • Exit & emergency lighting inspections, involving annual emergency and exit light inspections

To schedule a fire safety training call: 1-800-377-0271

Fire Simulator Training 
Using integrated technology and a 60x40 screen, CEC brings fire simulator training to your workplace with no live fire required. Use this session to train your staff about proper hands-on and technical skills when it’s okay to fight a fire and steps that should be takenduring an emergency including:

  • Types of fire extinguishers and when to use them
  • Location of fire extinguishers in your workplace
  • The PASS method and how to properly use a fire extinguisher
  • Required extinguisher maintenance and inspection

To schedule a fire safety training call: 1-800-377-0271

Fire Simulator Brochure

Blocks of Labor
If you’re not ready for a service agreement (or your organization doesn’t require that level of coverage), you can purchase blocks of service hours from CEC technicians. These blocks of labor can be used whenever they’re needed, don’t involve a contract, and never expire. They can be used toward any technology solution that CEC offers (whether or not we installed the system initially). These blocks of labor are pre-paid based on a dollar amount, not based on hours. They can also be purchased in bulk (the higher the amount purchased, the higher the discount).

Service Agreements
Purchasing a service agreement is a good way to budget for unforeseen costs. Because there’s no way of predicting maintenance and repair costs, a service agreement can be a good way to make sure your technology needs are covered in the future.

If your video surveillance system isn’t working, for example, CEC technicians visit the site, analyze the system, and make necessary repairs (or send equipment back to the manufacturer for repair). No matter what it takes to repair the problem, your system problem is addressed, and you never deal with equipment fees, shipping charges, or a bill. We offer parts/labor service on equipment we’ve designed and installed, and on equipment that was designed or installed by someone else.

If your system warranty is up, it’s a good time to consider a service contract with CEC. And because we know that every organization and situation is different, we can customize a service agreement that meets your needs. 

Guaranteed Response Time Agreements
CEC offers agreements that ensure response from our service team within a certain timeframe. If your systems go down, time is critical when it comes to getting these systems up and running again. Purchasing one of these agreements means you get priority service when you contact CEC’s service team. We offer options ranging from 24x7 to next-day response time. We can also create a plan that works for whatever you need. 

Software Agreements
It’s tough to manage the variety of IT and software contracts/agreements your organization requires. To make things even more challenging, these contracts and agreements probably all expire at different times throughout the year. (Barracuda, HP, Symantec). Let CEC manage your IT and software contracts and agreements for you so that you always receive software updates and always receive ongoing software support. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

After our new sound system was installed, a few people said they’ve finally been able to hear a worship service for the first time in years. They can understand every word. CEC’s installation crew did a great job. There’s no longer a bad seat in the house.

Michael Schmidt
Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church