Video Conferencing & Distribution

When you integrate video conferencing as part of your organization, decisions that require collaboration are made much faster. CEC can create technology-rich presentation environments to incorporate video conferencing that allows you to communicate with organizations you do business with – whether they’re down the hall or on the other side of the country.

Every day, video conferencing becomes less of a luxury and more of a tool necessary for business vitality. Video quality continues to improve while costs continue to fall, and high-def is moving from the home theater to the office. High-performance, flexible, and scalable video conferencing infrastructure eliminates the barriers of traditional meetings: time, distance, and resources.

CEC’s team of experts will help you create a video conferencing system that empowers the people in your building to get more done without ever leaving the office.

Project Spotlight

Grace Lutheran Church

After noticing the nice sound and function of an audio and video system in another church, Grace Lutheran Church contacted CEC. Together they created a sound solution that increased the quality for all audio aspects of Grace Lutheran Church.

Audio / Video Product Partners

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