Access Control

CEC provides cutting-edge, state-of-the-art access control hardware and software that delivers versatility, scalability, maximum protection, simple operation, and cost efficiency. We can determine whether traditional, IP-based, wireless, or managed access control is best for your application. The systems we use offer distributed network architecture, so they can be connected to any networked workstation or directly onto the network, saving you money on wiring and installation.

To reap the most benefit, CEC can integrate your access control with other security components. In a holistic security environment, for example, if the access control system identifies unauthorized access, that can trigger your security cameras to zoom in, store the video on a digital recorder, and tag that segment for retrieval later. It may also activate an alarm at a security console and send an alert to necessary parties.

From electric locks and door monitors to advanced biometrics, CEC can do it all when it comes to access control. You’ll find relief in knowing your occupants are protected, and they’ll feel safe knowing they’re shielded from uninvited guests.

Project Spotlight

Theda Clark Medical Center

Theda Clark Medical Center was lacking records that could be used as proof that specific devices had been inspected for proper operation. Staff members needed evidence to show inspectors that they were completing annual inspections for their 600,000-square-foot campus.

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