Mass Notification

The quicker word spreads about a natural or manmade disaster, the safer your building occupants will be. Voice intelligibility is of utmost importance, as is having multiple layers of mass notification available (voice, e-mail, text, video, PC screens, digital public displays, etc.). System design that layers multiple systems will offer you the best coverage.

CEC can establish a mass notification system that sends targeted and automated alerts, instructions, and advisories that are activated by integrated security, fire, and/or access control systems.

If you’re responsible for an educational institution, we’ll also make sure you comply with the Jeanne Clery Act that went into effect in July 2010; it mandates that you document the procedures you’re using to communicate with your campus during an emergency.

Project Spotlight

Integrated DNA Technologies

Over a decade ago, IDT staff members were looking for an organization that could successfully upgrade IDT’s core networking gear. The employees had certain product lines in mind, and they were looking for a company that provided the necessary product support.

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