Monitoring, Testing, and Inspections

Getting the right system installed is just the beginning. Once your building’s life safety systems are in place, you need to find someone you trust to monitor, maintain, and examine the systems on a consistent basis to ensure code compliance, a fast response time, and minimal property damage and personal injury.

Let CEC’s 24/7 response team manage your security and life safety systems to make sure you’re in line with NFPA and ICC codes and standards. CEC offers more than 20 years of expertise in testing and inspection services for life safety systems and equipment. Our inspectors are specialized technicians who undergo a rigorous training process, including NICET certification. Our staff members have extensive experience in testing and servicing all types of fire alarm systems. CEC can provide you with one service agreement for all of your fire protection equipment. We keep track of clients' system information, so we'll also make sure our customers receive an e-mail or phone call (or both) to remind them of upcoming inspections. And our online reports allow customers to view, download, and print inspection reports, work orders, and invoices online.

Our NFPA-compliant inspections include:

  • Fire alarm inspections (NFPA 72), involving annual, semi-annual, and monthly fire alarm inspections
  • Sprinkler inspections (NFPA 25), involving annual and quarterly sprinkler inspections (Wisconsin Only)
  • Suppression system inspections (NFPA 96 & NFPA 12), involving semi-annual kitchen suppression system inspections and semi-annual special agent suppression system inspections (including, but not limited to, Halon, FM-200) (Wisconsin Only)
  • Extinguisher inspections (NFPA 10), involving annual extinguisher inspections and monthly extinguisher checks
  • Exit & emergency lighting inspections, involving annual emergency and exit light inspections 

We also offer central station monitoring services for security systems. CEC can provide around-the-clock central station monitoring to make sure your alarm system is a reliable security solution. Multiple paths ensure that the signal is received so that alarm activation will reach our central station within seconds.

We provide COPS monitoring service, which partners with more than 3,000 alarm dealers nationwide to provide superior central station services (average response from COPS' central station agents is 16 seconds after alarm activation). C.O.P.S. is UL Listed, which means that it's always compliant with local and state standards, codes, and regulations.

CEC offers, a unique, web-based reporting and tracking system. This system uses barcode labels that are affixed to initiation devices and main panel components. We also offer 24-hour phone connection testing, and system reports that are available online.

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