Video Surveillance

Who wouldn’t want an extra set of eyes protecting their building? CEC’s video surveillance options can help you reduce loss due to theft, fraudulent insurance claims, and after-hours security costs … and all without increasing staff. Whether it’s a CCTV or IP network, the right surveillance system is a big component of protecting your property, occupants, and assets. CEC can help you choose the correct cameras for your application, and determine the proper placement for optimal video capture.

CEC makes sure you have access to your system wherever you are, with the ability to watch high-quality, streaming video over the Internet. This way, you can monitor branch offices from a central location, visually verify alarms, and monitor events as they happen to make decisions about efficiency improvements. CEC can also help you affordably integrate video analytics that automatically detect threats and deliver intelligent alerts to the right personnel in real-time, allowing security personnel to manage threats vs. detect them.

Project Spotlight

Evansville Community School District

Evansville Community School District took advantage of new funding to streamline their school security with help from CEC. CEC was also able to offer fire alarm services to ensure compliance. 

Fire and Security Product Partners

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