Infant Security

Acting almost as a personal security guard for each child in your healthcare facility, infant security systems allows staff members and the families coming in and out of your hospital to focus on the health and comfort of a newborn child, and not the child’s safety and security. Tamper-proof ID transmitters and easy-to-use software keep the focus on infant care.

CEC can install an infant protection system that isn’t computer-controlled or computer-dependent, which means the infants will be protected even during a power outage or a computer system failure.

We’re also able to provide systems that immediately and discreetly verify mother/baby match.

Project Spotlight

Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center has ongoing healthcare challenges and requirements, and needed a partner to keep the hospital up-to-date on technology solutions as trends and shifts occur. Over the past four decades, CEC has provided a variety of technology solutions for Mercy Medical Center.

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