Application Development

Almost all technology solutions have a data or software component, whether it’s a fire alarm system, security system, or nurse call system. Software crosses all industries and departments. With any technology/system solution CEC offers, we can also create a complementary application. We’ll work with the systems we design, install, and manage to help you get even more out of them. We can also work with your existing systems.

Improve efficiencies with software solutions for process improvement. Reduce bottlenecks and human error with workflow and automation software. Improve your carbon footprint and improve record retention security with document management software. Get more from your data with CEC’s reporting services.

And when you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution that fits the way you work, our development team can create what you need. Let CEC make sure your application works for you – and that you don’t have to work to fit your application.

Project Spotlight

Decorah Community School District

CEC partnered with Decorah Community School District to implement a single-mode fiber optic network that connects all of the district's buildings and servers. After successfully completing this project, the district has also called on CEC to provide campus security solutions.

Information Technology Product Partners

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