With everyone’s resources cut short, outsourcing IT support services is one way to ensure that your IT needs are met while also saving money. IT staff augmentation saves on overhead costs, but also offers the benefits of having a professional nearby who offers the latest technical know-how.

Partnering with an outside provider can also offer your in-house workforce the chance to acquire new skill sets. By working alongside IT professionals who have a broader knowledge base, your employees can pick up new competencies.

Staff augmentation is also ideal when you need help on a special project or during a specific time of year. That way, you have extra staff on hand when you need it, but don’t have to worry about employing someone full-time just to cover busy cycles during the year.

Project Spotlight

Davis County Hospital

Davis County Hospital’s website needed some major changes, and staff members wanted to add new features, like online scheduling and job applications, to the site. The hospital decided that a new website redesign from CEC would help them meet their goals.

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