GPS Vehicle Tracking

If you’re looking for a way to control fleet costs and improve efficiency of workers in the field, GPS tracking technology provided by CEC can help. With GPS, you can pinpoint your fleet’s location and speed to make sure workers are on time, in the right place, not idling excessively, and safe. Let CEC show you how to keep your fleet on target.

GPS vehicle tracking can also be used across school districts to help with accountability when buses encounter mechanical breakdowns, accidents, weather-related incidents, or traffic delays.

GPS vehicle tracking systems can display vehicle histories and driver reports. CEC can help you set user-defined parameters for e-mail and/or text alerts to let supervisors know about speed and location violations.

Project Spotlight

Yellow Cab

CEC switching an analog two-way system to a digital two-way system gave Yellow Cab the clarity and functionality for instant communication. 

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