Mobile Data

When computerized mobile data devices are placed in your service trucks, company vehicles, or emergency vehicles, your employees can communicate effortlessly with a central dispatch office. CEC can design your organization’s terminals to display information relevant to the employee using the vehicle (such as diagrams, charts, CAD drawings, etc.).

When CEC deploys a client’s mobile data system, real-time information can be placed into the hands of field staff, making them more efficient on the job. We help clients determine which information to share and what speed their network should be.

From regional radio networks to WiFi networks, we’ll install a standard system or create custom in-cab computer hardware that lets you share applications and allows for peer-to-peer messaging and broadband downloads

Project Spotlight

Linn County REC

Linn County REC's two-way communication system installation by CEC led them to work together on other IT solutions. 

Two-Way Communications Product Partners

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