Trunked Radio Systems

By setting up an analog or digital trunked radio network, CEC can help workgroups share fewer channels for two-way communications. Trunking equipment assigns an available channel when a user keys his/her radio, and lets several people carry on conversations using just a few specific frequencies.

Trunked systems offer advanced features, private calls, wide-area dispatch, and more efficient use of the radio spectrum. They also give users the option to disable certain radios if they’re lost or stolen.

We’ll help you assign priority levels for different workgroups to ensure that back-and-forth communication between critical parties is maintained at all times. By changing the software programming on the radios, CEC can set up a trunked system that allows many types of users to employ the same radio model.

Project Spotlight

Eastern Iowa REC

After partnering with CEC for two-way radios, Eastern Iowa REC called on CEC again for IT network support. The cooperative was looking for a connection between its corporate network and an outside network, which incorporated 50 remote sites.

Two-Way Communications Product Partners

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