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UnityPoint Health

TECHNOLOGIES: Audio/Video | Fire and Security


UnityPoint Health is Iowa’s first and largest integrated health system. Through relationships with 25 hospitals and more than 140 physician clinics, UnityPoint Health handles more than 2.5 million patient visits each year. UnityPoint Health is the sixth-largest nondenominational health system in the United States.

Customer Needs

UnityPoint Health wanted a security solution for loading docks at three of its hospitals. Staff members were in search of a system that allowed for secure, late-night delivery access. They were also looking for a security system that was easy to use. When CEC started working with UnityPoint Health on this project, the organization needed:

  • A reliable way to record events happening in the loading dock areas.
  • A scalable system that could someday be used for buildings in other areas.
  • A safe way for late-night deliveries to be made to the hospitals without affecting patient safety.


CEC partnered with UnityPoint Health to design and install a security system made up of IP-based intercoms, cameras, and access control at building entrances. When the project was complete, UnityPoint Health received:

  • An IP-based intercom/camera/door access system with an offline, wireless electromechanical locking system engineered with integration in mind.
  • A security solution that automatically forwards calls to the Emergency Care Center, giving staff the ability to respond to doors from multiple areas to keep wait times down.
  • Full duplex voice communications that sound like real-life conversations and allow multiple people to talk at the same time without decreased quality.
  • Recordable video for event-logging purposes.
  • A system that’s expandable to any network area (clinics, outlying hospitals, etc.).
  • A security solution that allows for late-night delivery access without putting patients or staff in danger.

The dock system CEC designed and installed has the criteria we needed to keep our hospital’s docks secure yet still accessible for the vendors who serve us. It’s easy to use, training is simple, and it allows officers to focus on other public safety concerns.

Anne Pederson Communications Manager, UnityPoint Health
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