Building a Business Case for Security: Meet Garrett Chumbley

January 27th, 2020

After he received his telecommunications degree in 1998, Garrett Chumbley landed a systems technician position at CEC. More than two decades later, he’s still a CEC employee.

The insight and perspective he brings to clients – thanks to his time in the field, as well as his roles in service, operations, and sales through the years – are one of a kind. No matter what type of challenge is at hand, he can consider it through a variety of lenses to ensure that there’s a business case behind every security system installation or modernization.  

“Everything I do is all about helping customers make really good decisions when it comes to their security technology choices,” explains Chumbley.

Meet CEC Executive Strategist of Enterprise Security Garrett Chumbley!

Q: What makes you most excited about working at CEC? What do you enjoy most?
A: The challenge of actually helping customers improve and modernize their security platforms. Any time I get to be out on a customer site, that’s a win. When I’m there, I can help them improve their decision-making and make a case for security improvements. I also enjoy the opportunity to lead education sessions at industry conferences and events, offering valuable information about using security technology to reduce risk.

Q: Can you think of a time recently where you helped a customer make an informed decision about security? How did it go?
A: As I was onsite with a large customer, I went through the process of asking questions. I always like to focus on a ground-up approach by talking about business challenges vs. challenges specific to security. By talking about business goals, we can pinpoint the right security solutions. Through that informal conversation, I was able to undercover a few things they hadn’t thought of. Instead of throwing technology at a problem to solve it, we like to take a broader approach and first pinpoint the root cause. From there, we can work our way up to a solution that makes sense for that specific situation.

Q: Is there a CEC initiative you’ve been involved with that you’re especially proud of?
A: Helping CEC change its approach to solving customer problems. We take the time to really understand pain points – and then walk through examples of how they can be addressed. We’re solving business challenges and acting as trusted advisors for our clients every day. Everything I do is focused on creating a great experience.

Q: What’s a fun/interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?
A: I was a first degree black belt when I was 14.I still remember my forms and a lot of the fundamentals.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: I have lots of hobbies I love: golfing, boating, camping, and cycling. That’s what I do in my free time with my family by my side.

Q: If you could do one other job at CEC for a day, what would it be?
A: Outside of CEC, I’d work at Cape Canaveral for NASA in any capacity. As far as within CEC, I’ve worked at almost every level. My favorite job at CEC is always the next one in line. I enjoy looking forward.

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